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Concert Band Notenausgabe. Reihe: MusicWorks Grade 4


for Solo Trumpet, Winds and Percussion by James Curnow

The word “nexus” is defined as a tie or link between people and events. Nexus, for solo trumpet and band, includes several links between composer James Curnow and educator Alfred Watkins, to whom the work is dedicated. A well-known theme (particularly to Mr. Watkins' students) is drawn upon as the piece utilizes two primary musical settings - an energetic and agile scherzo that appears in the beginning and again at the end, contrasted with an expressive Ballad theme.

The soloist at the premiere (and on the recording) is Christopher Watkins, Alfred's son. This is a well-crafted and rewarding work for soloist and band alike. Dur: 6:00 (Recorded by the University of Alabama at Birmingham Wind Symphony – Dr. Sue Samuels, conductor. Christopher Watkins, trumpet soloist.)

Komponist: James Curnow
Verlag: Hal Leonard
Reihe: MusicWorks Grade 4
Besetzung: Concert Band
Produktart: Partitur + Stimmen
Erscheinungsjahr: 2015


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Nexus Nexus
Trompete & Piano / Orgel
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